Seasonal Care

A deep dive into SOLICE longevity therapies or access to GP care for three months of the year.

The Evolution of Healthcare

A condensed, short-term membership to uncover and overcome specific health concerns and experience modern healthcare whilst in London.

A three-month membership, whether medical or longevity focused, delivers immersive care specific to your most pressing needs.

Three Months to Uncover Complete Care

Seasonal GP

  • A dedicated GP with unlimited clinic visits and referrals
  • At home consultations & treatment
  • Multilingual concierge
  • Inclusive therapies
  • Privileged access to leading experts and treatment, wellness services, preventative medicine and health optimisation.

Seasonal Longevity

  • Tailored and specific to your health and wellness worry
  • Full functional support and unlimited consultations led by Dr Tam Lewis
  • Unlimited GP support
  • Tailored screening and diagnostics to investigate your health query
  • Biohacking therapies that resonate with you
  • Formulated and guided plans with tracked progress
  • Tailored nutrition, personal trainer and aesthetics treatments available.

Become a Member

Precision Health Reimagined


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