Our Story

SOLICE was founded to deliver medicine without boundaries.
Our ethos is rooted in modern preventative care, dedicated to you and every aspect of your health.


Founded by Dr Liza Osagie-Clouard MD PhD, an award-winning orthopaedic surgeon.

Our commitment to excellence has seen us partner with renowned longevity expert, Dr Tamsin Lewis, to deliver the most comprehensive and holistic approach to modern health and longevity.


The Doctor’s Doctor:

Published. Awarded. Acclaimed.

Our team of experts are pioneering practitioners from across both western and eastern practices, seasoned GP’s, and longevity medicine.

Together they form the framework for our future-facing programme of care.

Our Commitment

Membership delivers healthcare that is intuitive and can deliver true change.

Our ethos embodies a 360-degree approach that addresses not only your immediate concerns but also empowers your ongoing journey to health optimisation.

We are your advocate, whether it’s attending appointments with you or simply being on hand for day-to-day discussions, our highly attentive care means your wellbeing-prioritised, supported, and above all else, delivered with absolute trust.

“The best doctors take the time to pause, listen and truly understand. to restore health, and reverse disease. Put simply, we optimise and advocate every aspect of your health.”

Dr Liza Osagie-Clouard

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