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Our longevity focus is not based on protocol or testing; instead membership delivers precision not programme.

Initial conversations are followed by tailored investigations, with an ongoing discussion and navigation of your health journey.

We do not simply diagnose or uncover disease, we pave the way for lasting transformation ensuring longevity is the result of a life well lived.

The best in clinical excellence

The Best in Clinical Excellence

Our philosophy is rooted in integration and providing best-in-class experts alongside your SOLICE GP. Longevity is led by Dr Tam Lewis, a true luminary who weaves together her vast expertise as a medical doctor, nutritional specialist, and world-class endurance athlete.

Backed by our scientific advisory board, each team is curated specific to your needs.

Longevity Membership Benefits

Continued care from Dr Tam and her team underpins our offering:

  • Full body MRI, low resolution CT, DEXA
  • AI powered cardiac testing
  • Functional performance review
  • Full epigenetic and genetic analysis
  • Early detection cancer screening
  • Glucose monitors and wearables
Treat with continuous monitoring
  • Healing biohacking therapies including infrared sauna, photomodulation and IV therapies
  • Resonating therapies including breath work, osteopathy, sound healing, sonic meditation, functional movement and reflexology
  • Tailored vitamin care

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